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Commercial Truck Insurance: What Are The Choices?

Commercial Truck Insurance: What Are The Choices?

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For many people becoming a professional commercial truck driver is a dream come true.  Whether we are talking about a 18 wheeler going down Interstate 66 or a smaller commercial vehicle entering the city limits to drop off or pick up the next load; sitting behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle is what they were meant to do.

Yet, with this dream comes the reality of certain costs associated with getting your truck on the road; commercial truck insurance is just one of those costs.

It's true. No one likes to pay for insurance but as a commercial trucker it is something that you need to do . Yes, the chances are very slim that you will never need to make an insurance claim, but the fact of the matter is that it is much better to have the insurance and need it than to need it and not have it. 

When it comes to your commercial trucking insurance needs you have two choices when it comes to selecting a policy; collision coverage or comprehensive coverage

The Coverage Choices

Collision coverage

When it comes to your commercial truck there are basically two types of coverage. There is collision coverage and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance will only pay to have the vehicle that you hit, if the accident is your fault repaired. With Collision insurance you will not have any repairs to your commercials truck, so if the accident is your fault you will be out of a truck unless you personally have the funds to repair it.

Comprehensive coverage  

Then there is comprehensive coverage. This type of vehicle coverage is going to be more costly because if you are involved in an accident it will cover your repair costs as well as the repair cost of the other vehicle, if it your fault. Having this type of coverage will cost you more but if you have a newer truck or you do not have a lot of money in savings this is the way to go because it will ensure that you are able to get back on the road as the commercial truck company insurance company will pay for repairs up to a specific dollar amount. 

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About Smart Lite 

60% of all truck accidents are directly contributed to the front end blind spot of commercial trucks. In North America alone over 5,000 deaths and 140,000 injuries occur annually. At Smart Lite we believe that those statistics are far too high. 

What is Smart Lite?  Smart Lite is designed to reduce crashes, to save lives and to reduce injuries. The system was designed by Xlite Enterprises Inc. of Vancouver, Canada by Marty Vanderhoek, a professional commercial truck driver with over 20 years experience in the industry. It is a simple, yet unique design that utilises simple mirror to mirror technology to completely expose the entire front end area of the truck to the driver from inside the cab. As a result. the device offers the driver a clear and unrestricted view of any vehicle, motorcycle, cyclist or pedestrian that could be in the front or blind spots or no zone area of the truck. 

No high tech cameras, mirrors or unreliable beeper systems. With Smart Lite the driver instantly sees whatever is in the front and blind spot areas of the truck by a split second glance into the West Coast mirror. For more information on the Smart Lite system please visit our web page or contact us at

" A Breakthrough In Commercial Truck Safety That Will Save Lives "


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