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Western Canada Highway News: Canadian Trucker Invents Safety Product

Western Canada Highway News/Spring 2015

Canadian Trucker Invents Safety Product

Marty Vanderhoek is a life long trucker from Langley, B.C. who has been at the wheel since 1975. From fish to fruit he's pulled it all.

His 35 years experience behind the wheel has taught him the many dangers that truckers face every day. One area is that front-end blind spot. which plagues every truck driver. How can you possibly see that car or motorcycle that is running beside you and a little ahead of your door? Essentially you can't - until now!

Marty has invented the Smart Lite, a simple system that he says is "a breakthrough in commercial trucking that will save lives."

Smart Lite uses mirror to mirror technology to eliminate front end blind spots. All large trucks have side mirrors that a driver uses to view everything beside and behind the truck. Smart Lite is mounted on both sides at the rear and and at the top of a truck. This is the lace where the trucks reverse or back up lights are typically mounted on semi trailer trucks.

Smart Lite is a replacement for the original back up lights that most trucks are equipped with, but can also be installed as a new feature on a truck if the trucks reverse lights are mounted somewhere else on the truck.

Smart Lite is made with a back -up light or turn signal on one side of a convex mirror on the opposite side. From the cab, a driver now simply needs to just take a split second glance through the side mirror of the truck and back to the mirror built into the Smart Lite.

Truckers are already hailing this simply, yet revolutionary safety device for its simplicity and effectiveness. It has already received an endorsement by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia as a safety feature that greatly improves trucker safety.

For the original article click here  Highway News (Spring 2015) page 81

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