Thursday, 18 December 2014

You Can Help Save Lives.! You Can Make A Difference. Help Make Our Roads And Highways A Safer Place

You Can Help Save Lives.! You Can Make A Difference. Help Make Our Roads And Highways A Safer Place

According to the most recent statistics from the United States Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMSA) there were 5,610,000 total crashes, 30,800 fatal crashes, and over 3,950,000 injuries reported on U.S. highways in 2012. In Canada, a country with a much smaller population, the numbers were still relatively staggering, 122,140 personal injury collisions, 1,823 fatal collisions and 165,172 total injuries.

Marty Vanderhoek is a life-long trucker from Langley, B.C., Canada whose been on the highway at the wheel since 1975, from fish to fruit he’s pulled it all.  

His 35 years experience behind the wheel has taught him the many dangers that commercial truckers face on a daily basis. One area is that front end blind spot that plagues every truck driver. How on earth can you see that car or motorcycle that is running beside you and a little ahead of your door?. Essentially, you can't!  Until Now....

Drawing upon his 35 years experience behind the wheel Marty invented the Smart LiteA simple system which he says is “a breakthrough in commercial trucking that will save lives” According to Marty "The Smart Lite device is revolutionary in that it allows the operator to see what is occupying the space in that front end blind spot. Before Smart Lite there was no device or system that allowed the operator to  make a 100% visual determination of what was beside him and a little ahead of his door. With Smart Lite that problem is now solved."

Indeed, this simple yet revolutionary safety device is already being hailed by commercial truckers for its simplicity and effectiveness. The device has already received an endorsement by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) as a safety feature that greatly improves trucker safety. 

Currently, Marty is on a fund raising campaign to help raise money to market this product. If you would like to contribute to Marty's campaign then please click here to see how you can get involved.

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