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Diesel Prices: U.S. Trucker's Getting A Break At The Pump

Diesel Prices: U.S. Trucker's Getting A Break At The Pump

According to the latest statistics released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration [EIA] the price of diesel, per gallon, has fallen over the past year in all 10 reporting districts. For the country as a whole, the price of diesel has fallen .161 cents per gallon.
Region by region the price drop has shown substantial fluctuations. For example, the greatest decrease was in the Central Atlantic region where diesel prices fell .348 cents per gallon. This was in sharp contract to the Midwest where prices only fell .008 cents per gallon.
For a complete region by region summary please refer to the Chart A below 
Chart A
U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices*  (dollars per gallon)

Change from
11/03/1411/10/1411/17/14week agoyear ago
U.S.3.6233.6773.661values are down -0.016values are down -0.161
East Coast (PADD1)3.5973.5683.542values are down -0.026values are down -0.299
  New England (PADD1A)3.6873.6593.633values are down -0.026values are down -0.348
  Central Atlantic (PADD1B)3.6553.6343.612values are down -0.022values are down -0.278
  Lower Atlantic (PADD1C)3.5333.4973.469values are down -0.028values are down -0.310
Midwest (PADD2)3.6243.7883.786values are down -0.002values are down -0.008
Gulf Coast (PADD3)3.5323.5623.542values are down -0.020values are down -0.203
Rocky Mountain (PADD4)3.7133.7963.767values are down -0.029values are down -0.069
West Coast (PADD5)3.7893.7823.762values are down -0.020values are down -0.192
  West Coast less California3.7043.7123.720values are up 0.008values are down -0.152
  California3.8613.8413.797values are down -0.044values are down -0.225

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration [2014]

Breaking The Diesel Price Down
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration [EIA] the price that truckers pay at the pump for their diesel is the result of costs associated with 4 different pricing mechanisms: cost of crude oil; cost of refining; cost of distribution and marketing; and government taxes.

The latest figures based on September 2014 data with a retail price of $3.79 per gallon showed that 58% of that price was attributed to crude oil cost; 12% for refining costs; 17% for distribution and marketing costs; and 13% for government taxes (see diagram 1) .

Diagram 1

*prices include all taxes

What We Pay For In A Gallon Of Diesel (September 2014) Retail Price: $3.79/gallon

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration [2014]

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